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Selling a Practice

Professionally and financially, your dental practice is a vital asset and, therefore, it is important that the sale of your practice and the associated transition are structured and documented in a way that is consistent with your goals and needs. Ifyou are selling to a large group practice and staying on after the sale as an associate, or if you are selling to an owner operator and discontinuing your practice, it is important that your needs and goals are addressed.

Weunderstand the importance of protecting our client’s interests. Our
will focus on making sure that you are not responsible for liabilities to vendors, patients or landlords after the sale of your practice. In deals where the seller is asked to “hold paper” or defer the receipt of payment of the purchase price over time, it is crucial to make sure that you are adequately protected to ensure that you receive the payment that was promised to you.

As with all of our matters, good legal services in the sale of a practice go beyond plugging names and numbers into a template. Our

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