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Dental Amigos Podcast – It’s Associate Hiring Season! “Dos and Don’ts…” – Episode 45

It’s the time of the year when associates and practices are scurrying to find one another. Rob and Paul decided to celebrate the joyous season by talking about the “Dos and Don’ts” of associate employment relationships from the perspective of both the practice and the associate. They drill down on what to look for and […]

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Dental Amigos Podcast – Dr. Lewis Chen on Keeping Up with Change in the Dental World, and More – Episode 44

Rob and Paul host Dr. Lewis Chen, a young entrepreneurial practicing dentist and multi-practice owner who did a ground-floor storefront dental practice start-up in the heart of New York City’s, Greenwich Village while at the same time acquiring a dental practice in Edgewater, New Jersey. Paul and Rob chat with Dr. Chen about his somewhat […]

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Dental Amigos Podcast – Dr. DeAngelo Webster of Practice Biopsy – Episode 41

Rob and Paul host their amigo, Dr. DeAngelo Webster, a practicing dentist, dental practice owner and the founder of Practice Biopsy. In 2017, DeAngelo began documenting the daily “behind the scenes” process of building and operating his practice which can be followed in the Facebook group Practice Biopsy. Paul and Rob chat with DeAngelo about […]

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The Dental Amigos – The Dental Amigos Talk About Letters of Intent in Dental Practice Transitions – Episode 30

In this episode, Paul and Rob chat about issues surrounding letters of intent in dental practice transitions.  What is the purpose of a Letter of Intent (“LOI”)?  Why is an LOI important?  What provisions should be in a LOI?  What are the things to be careful of in an LOI? Tune in now to learn more! […]

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The Dental Amigos – Dental Marketing with the Wonderist Agency (Laura Maly and Michael Anderson) – Episode 21

The Dental Amigos host the dynamic duo of Laura Maly and Michael Anderson who are the joint force behind the Wonderist Agency, a full-service, cutting-edge marketing agency for dentists.

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The Dental Amigos Talk Multi-Practice Ownership – Episode 16

In this episode, Paul and Rob discuss WHY Paul decided to purchase a second, third and fourth dental practice. Paul talks about the challenges of having additional office locations and the need to be able to make multiple decisions a day and to solve problems in another “dentisting” location. Rob discusses the financial hurdles of […]

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