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The Dental Amigos – Dental Marketing with the Wonderist Agency (Laura Maly and Michael Anderson) – Episode 21

The Dental Amigos host the dynamic duo of Laura Maly and Michael Anderson who are the joint force behind the Wonderist Agency, a full-service, cutting-edge marketing agency for dentists.

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The Dental Amigos Talk Multi-Practice Ownership – Episode 16

In this episode, Paul and Rob discuss WHY Paul decided to purchase a second, third and fourth dental practice. Paul talks about the challenges of having additional office locations and the need to be able to make multiple decisions a day and to solve problems in another “dentisting” location. Rob discusses the financial hurdles of […]

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The Anatomy of a Dental Deal by Rob Montgomery, Esq.

Rob Montgomery explains the anatomy of a dental deal, highlighting key issues including: practice evaluations, negotiating the purchase price, letters of intent, entity formation, preparation of agreements and the closing.
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