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Dental Amigos Podcast – LocalMed’s Tom Brown on Better Decision Making and Patient Scheduling – Episode 42

Rob and Paul host Tom Brown, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at LocalMed. In this episode, Tom talks about his Black Belt in “Lean Six Sigma” which is a methodology used to improve business processes by utilizing statistical analysis rather than guesswork that “takes the fear out of decisions.” Paul and Rob also chat […]

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Dental Amigos Podcast – The Dental Amigos on the Impact of Bad Agreements and Bad Deals – Episode 39

In this episode, Paul and Rob talk about “when bad agreements come back to take a bite out of your nachos.” How contractual provisions such as restrictive covenants and lease provisions can impact a dentist’s future; the importance of due diligence; and things that can go wrong with buy-ins.

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Dental Amigos Podcast – Anna Haslinsky, Esq. on Employee Handbooks – Episode 38

The Dental Amigos host their amiga Anna Haslinksy, Esquire, a seasoned attorney with Rob’s firm who regularly represents dentists with practice transitions, employment agreements and employee handbooks. In this episode, Anna, Rob and Paul chat about the process of preparing an employee handbook, the importance of practice owners being engaged in the process and the […]

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Dental Amigos Podcast – Brian Madden on How to Save Money on Dental Office Lease Renewals – Episode 37

The Dental Amigos are excited to again host their Philly amigo and commercial real estate agent, Brian Madden. In this episode, Paul and Rob peel back the curtain on lease renewals with Brian and chat about the lease renewal process and, most importantly, how and when to start to the process so that you can […]

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Dental Amigos Podcast – The Nacho Plate of Paul Goodman – Episode 36

In this episode, Rob chats with Paul about what he does, why he does it and how he came to be “Dr. Nacho.” Paul talks about how he transformed his local study club and continuing education courses into the electronic and social media presence that they are today. With Paul’s upcoming “New Dentist Boost III, […]

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Dental Amigos Podcast – Linda Harvey on Risk Management and Compliance (including HIPAA and OSHA) – Episode 35

Rob and Paul host Ms. Linda Harvey, a nationally recognized healthcare risk management and compliance expert, who assists dentists and their teams in navigating regulatory requirements such as HIPAA and OSHA as well as infection control audits. Paul and Rob chat with Linda about the importance of having a personalized compliance plan in a dental office […]

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The Dental Amigos – Frank King, “The Mental Health Comedian” – Episode 29

Rob and Paul host Frank King, “The Mental Health Comedian,” a suicide prevention and postvention public speaker and trainer, as well as writer for The Tonight Show for 20 years.  Depression and suicide run in Frank’s family and he’s fought a lifelong battle with Major Depressive Disorder and Chronic Suicidality.  Frank has turned that long dark journey of the soul into five […]

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Jonathan VanHorn, CPA – Buy a House or Dental Practice First? Purchase or Lease Dental Real Estate? – Episode 19

The Dental Amigos host Jonathan VanHorn, CPA, a dental industry-focused certified public accountant and the founder of DentistMetrics. Rob and Paul chat with Jonathan and benefit from the perspective of a dental-focused accountant as they tackle the ever popular issue of what to do first – buy a house or purchase/start-up a dental practice.

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The Dental Amigos on Case Acceptance Challenges in Practice Transitions – Episode 18

In this episode, Paul and Rob chat about case acceptance issues and challenges in dental practice transitions, including how to help new owners communicate with patients after taking over an existing practice.

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Becoming Your Dental Lawyer with Robert Montgomery

Robert Montgomery is professionally known as Your Dental Lawyer, and today we’re going to hear how he built a practice that caters to those who practice dentistry. We also dig into how, by leveraging his expertise in this niche, Rob is able to operate a small firm that services clients all around the country. Your [...]
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