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PA Supreme Court: Dentists Performing Surgery Must Personally Obtain Informed Consent Directly From Patients

A recent ruling from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has held that a medical provider performing any type of surgery has a non-delegable duty to obtain informed consent directly from its patients. This ruling, issued in the case of Megan and Robert Shinal v. Steven Toms, M.D., breaks from prior case law suggesting that it was sufficient for support staff to obtain the informed consent of a patient, and prohibits a physician (or dentist) from delegating his or her duty to obtain a patient’s informed consent prior to surgery.

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The Importance of an Operating Agreement

A limited liability company (“LLC”) is formed by filing a short document usually known as a “certificate of organization” or “certificate of formation” (or something similar). After the LLC is formed it is highly advisable that the members of the LLC enter into an operating agreement which provides a clear set of rules by which […]

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