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Our “Resources” provides practical insights, commentary and timely updates by our team of professionals on pertinent issues that affect our dental clients. Our attorneys update the “Resources” with changes in the law and other relevant news.

Think Before You Yelp: Responding to Online Reviews May Result in a HIPAA Violation

Many patients turn to crowdsourced online review websites such as Healthgrades, Yelp, and Vitals to research and choose their dentists. While such websites can positively boost a dental practice’s online presence, they also pose a serious public relations risk as these sites allow users to instantly circulate their opinions—whether good or bad—to the general public. Poor reviews can be used as constructive feedback to improve the practice; however, inflammatory public statements can also turn off potential patients and send new business elsewhere.

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DSO Armageddon? What Allstate v. Northfield Means for Dental Service Organizations in New Jersey and Beyond . . .

In light of the recent New Jersey Supreme Court decision, Allstate Insurance Company v. Northfield Medical Center, dental service organizations (“DSOs”) in New Jersey should take extreme caution when structuring their business arrangements. The Allstate decision, considered in connection with New Jersey State Board of Dentistry’s regulations and an amicus brief filed by the New […]

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Essentials of Associateship Agreements with Jayme Amos, Dr Paul Goodman and Rob Montgomery

Welcome to another episode of the Shared Practices Podcast! This one is a bit of a throwback to season one, but we know you’re going to love it. We have on the show with us consultant/startup guru Jayme Amos, dentist Paul Goodman, and attorney Rob Montgomery. We get into a great discussion about some of [...]
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The Importance of Strong Restrictive Covenants: What Every Buyer of a Dental Practice Should Know

Justin J. Weaver, Esquire publishes in the Pennsylvania Academy of General Dentistry’s Keystone Explorer, Spring 2017 Edition: “The Importance of Strong Restrictive Covenants: What Every Buyer of a Dental Practice Should Know.”

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Letters of Intent (Leases)

You’ve spent time searching for the right dental office space and perhaps invested in a consultant to perform demographic research to help you choose the optimal location. You’ve found the perfect office space and now you’d like to make sure you don’t lose it to someone else. When dealing with a real estate broker, you’ll […]

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