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Our “Resources” provides practical insights, commentary and timely updates by our team of professionals on pertinent issues that affect our dental clients. Our attorneys update the “Resources” with changes in the law and other relevant news.

The Dental Amigos – Dr. David Maconi on General Practice Residencies – Episode 23

In this episode, Paul, Rob and Dr. Dave Maconi chat about the difference between AEGD and GPR programs and the potential benefits that these programs may have for the dentists who complete them.

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The Dental Amigos – War Stories from the DSO Front with Justin Weaver, Esquire – Episode 22

The Dental Amigos host their amigo Justin Weaver, Esquire, a seasoned attorney in Rob’s firm who has represented dentists in literally hundreds of dental practice sales and acquisitions, including representing DSOs and clients selling to DSOs.

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The Dental Amigos – Dental Marketing with the Wonderist Agency (Laura Maly and Michael Anderson) – Episode 21

The Dental Amigos host the dynamic duo of Laura Maly and Michael Anderson who are the joint force behind the Wonderist Agency, a full-service, cutting-edge marketing agency for dentists.

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The Dental Amigos on Associate Evaluations – Episode 20

Paul and Rob chat about the importance of formal performance evaluations for associate dentists and non-clinical staff.

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Jonathan VanHorn, CPA – Buy a House or Dental Practice First? Purchase or Lease Dental Real Estate? – Episode 19

The Dental Amigos host Jonathan VanHorn, CPA, a dental industry-focused certified public accountant and the founder of DentistMetrics. Rob and Paul chat with Jonathan and benefit from the perspective of a dental-focused accountant as they tackle the ever popular issue of what to do first – buy a house or purchase/start-up a dental practice.

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