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Our “Resources” provides practical insights, commentary and timely updates by our team of professionals on pertinent issues that affect our dental clients. Our attorneys update the “Resources” with changes in the law and other relevant news.

The Importance of an Operating Agreement

A limited liability company (“LLC”) is formed by filing a short document usually known as a “certificate of organization” or “certificate of formation” (or something similar). After the LLC is formed it is highly advisable that the members of the LLC enter into an operating agreement which provides a clear set of rules by which […]

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Ownership of Dental Practices & Registration Requirements for Dental Service Organizations in Texas

In recent years, the question of how a dental practice can be owned and operated in Texas has been a hot button issue in court and with the legislature. To their credit, Texas legislators have worked to keep up with changing trends in the dental industry in ways that most other states have not. Specifically, […]

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Be Sure That You Are Permitted to Operate a Dental Office at Your Location

You’ve found the perfect location and have progressed to negotiating the terms of your office lease or the purchase of the property where your office will be operating. While things may seem well and good, a hazard lurks, waiting to be uncovered: due to a use restriction, you can’t open a dental office in the space.

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Getting a Helping Hand: Tenant Improvement Allowance

Opening your dental practice will involve a substantial investment of your time and money, particularly in the design and construction of many specialized improvements that you’ll need to support your dental equipment. While you may be fortunate enough to find office space that is appropriately plumbed for dental use, typically office space is delivered ready […]

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Protecting Your Practice: Office Relocation

Consider this scenario: You have an established and successful dental office with a substantial patient base drawn from the area that you’ve cultivated over the years. You also have a substantial investment in customized office space that you built out. One day, you receive a notice from your landlord that you must relocate your office […]

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